Wednesday, July 21, 2010

icehouse = se7en on ice

after 11 months of living in Melbourne, we finally went to ICEHOUSE at Docklands! woohoo! i kinda forgot who were there with us. Dita, Kush, Ririn, Biondi, Fabian, and Jacqueline? oh yes, she's a pro! heheh. yea so this was how it looked like from the front.

and this was the inside people! yes, so many lights and look at those disco balls?! omg! oh and too bad i didn't take a photo of the huge screen on one of the walls, displaying video clips of the latest hits!
oh and one more thing, there was a DJ as well !! and i must say the songs were not bad at all, in fact they were awesome! you know how sometimes when you ice-skate you get tired and rest for a while at the edges of the rink? well there was not so much time for us to rest because everytime an awesme song like OMG, TIK TOK, or California Gurls, played, we rushed back in the rink and tried to skate and dance at the same time. so much fun! too bad ingrid and maureen weren't there :(
so we skated and skated..
... and at the end of the day we laughed seeing each other, how weirdly we walked on these things with painful feet. gonna go back there again! sometime later when everyone's here!

bedroom catASStrophy.

i'm not trying to justify myself, but... yea, ok. call me whatever you want, i have absolutely no idea how my room could get like this. it's crazy?! enjoy the pics, but please do note that right now my room is shiny as hell.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


After 11 months of living in Melbourne I finally went to Albert Park: this very well-known sports arena where lots of teams from unis or just random practice basketball, swimming, and many more. too bad i didn't take any pics of the indoor basketball courts, but i found a picture of the parc one on Google. the courts were totally awesome, there were 8 of them and there were even the score boards like the ones you can see in the NBA! haha it costs us 4 bucks per person to get in, they gave us these bracelets like the red ones like these but there were no time limit for the day.

Many people played today! Me, Jacqueline, Hendra, Inandra, Ririn, Steven, Josh, Ivan, Willy, and Erwin! At first we played full court which was so freakin tiring, but then after Inandra broke his toe-nail (i know rite:euw), Willy decided not to play as well, so we played half which i much preferred. After three hours of playing ball and burning carbs, Steven drove us to this really awesome 'take-away-burger-place' called ANDREW'S HAMBURGERS not so far from the park. But because there was only his car, the seven of us (minus Josh Erwin Ivan) 'crammed' into it. I don't remember the name of the street but am definitely going back there again next time!

The special thing about the burgers we had today was that it tasted a lot better than Grilled and was cheaper as well! You can totally taste the cheese, bacon, tomatoes, omg YUM. Oh and the staff there were so friendly!!! I think they're Greek. They were totally talking with us although the place was about to close and they also gave us a full package of chips for free! well yea maybe it was because they were closing, but whatever.. they're nice. haha

And omg it was so chilly today and stupid I was not to bring a scarf or anything. Everyone was jumpin around tryin to warm themselves up, and poor Willy who's allergic to cold weather, his skin started to itch. haha!

So here are some pics of the day!

this is the usual Steven, tryna act cool. :p jokin dude!

Steven said that the place was so near to St. Kilda beach and told Inandra to bring his car next time so we can all go together! omg so excited! I've watched a sunset there once and it was perfectly ORANGE.

and these are some old buildings around the block. there were benches and lots of trees. The tram also passes this street so it's gonna be very convenient if we ever gonna come here next time.
and this is a picture taken by Inandra, and oh dear what the hell was ririn doing??

so we came back home, and finally, after a nice and warm shower, I joined Dita, Icha, Ingrid and Maureen at STARBUCKS COFFEE. believe it or not we actually studied!! yeay!! well... except the fact that some of us keep on refreshing facebook every 10 minutes, updating twitter and ONE OF US drew a heart on my ankle, thanks to Jacqueline Utomo.

it doesn't matter it actually kinda looks sexy, like duh, it IS my ankle? hahah, and the picture below is when Jacqie caught me eating Maureen's MARS cholcolate bar. sorry Maureen! ;)

well that is it for today folks! had fun, a lotta fun! and can't wait to write again after the upcoming exciting event: Velvet Friday at Se7en perhaps? ;)


Monday, June 14, 2010

Tigers? Pandas? No wait. DOGS?!!!


Screw exams! 've been studying so f-in hard and still went out of the examination room lookin like 0_0 ? You guys have no idea how i had the thought of crucifying Robert Dixon (our lecturer) when i was doing my Quantitative Methods. Jacqlyn even dreamed about him. like, literally. And not just once, twice i guess? She proudly states it on twitter even if it was her worst nightmare ever. So anyways me and some of my friends kinda have a-week-or-two break before our last exam. Two days ago, all i had in mind was: yea i guess i'll ACCOMPANY these guys to go shopping. Yesterday, i was the one who spent the most. -_-

And yes right now i am trying to figure out a way to explain all this to my parents at the end of the month but anyways it was a lot of fun. seriously. so it was me, NINDITA HAPSARI, ICHA HAPSARI (and no they're not siblings), and ALICIA ATMADJA, on the first day. We went to Melbourne Central, QV and obviously Bourke Street.

Shopping can never ever be boring with these guys around, they seriously just try on everything without caring of how people looked at them, but in the end Ali got scared though when someone started to talk to her and asked for her name.

Icha, on the other hand, always tries to start a conversation with every single mannequin she sees. From 'Hello' to 'How are you..' then Ali says 'See you later.'

The second day we finally came back to the LOST AND FOUND MARKET.

omg i just love it they have really cute and unique stuff, Dita bought hrself a denim skirt. I finally got a leather jacket for 65 bucks! and it was beige in color! i love it! and i also got like a simple black blazer with gold buttons. Icha got 2 cute sweaters.

was there with us but she didn't buy anything until we reached the city again. She bought a leather jacket from General Pants!

Oh have i mentioned i bought a pair of ankle boots and 'short' heels for myself? AND DITA! haha! She bought a pair of leopard-printed heels which made everyone go 'GRAOR' everytime she takes a step out of the tram or up the stairs. hahaha!


stay tuned people, next week is Camberwell Market!